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Beyoncé Doesn't Like Her Mum's Corny Jokes But Her Mum Doesn't Care

Ms Tina don't listen to nobody, not even Beyoncé.

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You probably know Tina Lawson better as Tina Knowles, or just as the ethereal mother of Beyoncé and Solange. But she's also the queen of Instagram.

Soz Bey.

Tina has this little segment that she does pretty often, where she uploads videos of herself telling corny jokes.

It's corny joke time!

And if you ask me, these kinda jokes could put a comedian out of business.

But it turns out there's at least one person out there who's not a fan of corny joke time – Beyoncé!

In her last video, Tina told everybody that Beyoncé said she shouldn't do them all the time.

Wow, who had Beyoncé down as a fun sponge?

And it turns out that nobody is safe from the Beyhive...even Beyoncé herself.

You may be the Queen, @Beyonce, but don't you EVER fix your mouth to come for the Queen Mother


@Bey_Legion Bey is just mad because she knows we stan Mama Tina and her jokes more.

Beyoncé leave Mama Tina and her corny jokes alone..

You keep on with them corny jokes, Ms Tina.

Mama T: "it's corny joke time!" Me: