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19 Dating Stories That Are So Cute, You'll Be Sobbing For Days

These dates certainly beat a happy meal at McDonald's.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best dates they've ever been on. Get your tissues ready – the submissions were cute AF.


1. The pilot and the puppy.

"For our first date, my boyfriend (who's a pilot) asked me to meet him and gave me an address. I arrived, and it was a small airport. He flew us on a four-seater plane for 20 minutes to Provincetown, with his Frenchie, Batwing. When we landed we walked to the beach where we drank wine (I drank wine, he had Pellegrino), ate cheese and meat, played bocce, and let Batwing run along the beach. At sunset we flew back, and he even flew over my house so I could see it from the sky. Almost a year later, we still take the plane back there for dinner."


2. The skateboard sightseeing.

"I arrived at a hostel I was staying in and started chatting to this handsome French man. When he realised I hadn't seen any of the city yet, he excused himself and returned with his skateboard. We spent the next few hours with me sitting on the end of the skateboard going to all the historical sites. At one point he actually danced with me in front of this huge basilica under the moonlight to the music of a street busker. It was incredibly romantic."

– Submitted by Kyla Cathleen, Facebook

3. The meteor showers.

"It was a warm summer night and there was a meteor shower. We got Thai food and drove out in his truck to the middle of nowhere, laid blankets and pillows down in the bed of the truck, and watched the meteor shower all night until we fell asleep in each other's arms. By far the best date I've ever been on."

– Submitted by Hannah Noel Williams, Facebook


4. The third wheel.

"I went on a few dates with a guy who was in med school. I expressed interest so he snuck me into the cadaver lab after hours and showed me the corpse he and his group were working on. I got to hold her heart and see the inside of the brain cavity. I also got to hold a brain in my hands. it was more of a rare experience, but it’s definitely in the books."


5. The arcade games.

"I met a guy on eHarmony. After talking for a few days, he suggested we meet at an arcade. We played air hockey, shooter games, and basketball. It was a great way to laugh, tease, and flirt, while actually getting to know someone. We then went to Joe's Crab Shack by the beach. The timing was perfect and we got to see the sunset over the ocean. Needless to say the date was fantastic and we’ve now been married for four years."

Half Blood Princess

6. The special place.

"I have this thing where I ask people to take me somewhere that's special to them. A guy from college took me to this field full of wild flowers that he had seen after taking a wrong turn. It was so nice to just talk to someone, and see a beautiful place I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. It’s also where he proposed."



7. The dead rose.

"I had driven him to a big area that was full of PokéStops and lures. We played for an hour and then we walked to the mall. I noticed a flower shop selling blue roses, which he knew were my favourite, and he picked a single one up. He said that the flower was for the most beautiful girl he would see that day, handed it to me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was so happy. I still have the rose, even though it’s dead."


8. The surprise weekend away.

"My boyfriend planned a date weekend in NYC. The date started off with a sunset boat cruise where he had arranged for champagne, wine, and a cheese plate to be at our table. Then he took me to a paint and wine class. Finally, we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner. The next day he had booked us a helicopter tour over the city. It was so much fun and the fact that everything was a surprise made it even better!"


9. The locked car.

"I was so excited to see my date that I put my keys in my purse, my purse in the back seat, and locked the car door, so our first phase of the date was him breaking into my car. Then we went to dinner, then dancing, then finished it off with a view of San Francisco from an overlook. I knew I was in love then, and I’ve been falling in love ever since."



10. The overdressed burger date.

"We planned on going to a really nice restaurant, but they were fully booked. We ended up going to a dive restaurant. We were dressed up eating greasy burgers, and we eventually made it back to the local high school. Once there we decided to blast music from his car and dance around the parking lot for hours. It was the complete opposite of what we expected to do that night, but it was by far the best date I have ever been on."


11. The dog park.

"He took me to a dog park and I got to pet so many puppies and play fetch with them as they swam in a lake."


12. The jazz orchestra.

"In my senior year of high school, the boy I was casually seeing took me to watch the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra practice for their Christmas concert. The thing I remember the most is how much he enjoyed himself, his awestruck face while watching his jazz heroes, and how much I wanted to keep seeing that face. We’ve been together nearly two years now, and yes he still makes that same handsome face."



13. The mate date.

"Me and my friend were both single and so decided to take each other on a date. We had only planned to go ice-skating but we ended up wandering around downtown, stopping for a hot chocolate at this cute little bakery, and then going to a painting class. If I remember correctly, it was lightly snowing, too. It was definitely a date worthy of a movie!"


14. The mixtape.

"Our first Valentine's Day together, my boyfriend made me a mix CD with the help of my best friend. After an amazing dinner, we went to the beach and he pulled out a boombox. We ended up dancing on top of a picnic table under a pavilion until the rain soaked the stereo and broke it. Most romantic night of my life. We ended up getting married and just celebrated 10 years together."


15. The dance on the beach.

"I got off work and he called asking if I had any plans. He picked me up and surprised me with a late-night picnic at the beach. He built a fire and we roasted marshmallows and stargazed. At one point we noticed there was no one left on the beach except us and a man playing cute country love songs on his boat. He randomly got up and said, 'I hate country, but this moment is asking for it. Let's dance.' The whole date was movie-worthy."

– Submitted by Hayden Grant, Facebook


16. The plane watchers.

"For our first date, my boyfriend surprised me with a really nice dinner at a restaurant I always wanted to try. We were the only people there and got to enjoy the time alone. Then he took me to a back road behind the airport and parked right by the runway so we could sit on the hood of his car and watch the planes landing right above our heads. Coolest experience ever."


17. The swing on the bridge.

"On our first date, we were on our way to a baseball game when a friend called him and asked if we wanted to canoe down a river instead. We spent the rest of the day going down a little river which led to an abandoned bridge that they had set a swing up on. We stayed there for hours, just swinging off the bridge and walking around that area, then hiked up a hill and watched the sunset over a small lake. His friend is a photographer and documented our first date, and we have the perfect picture of us sitting next to each other in the tall grass with the sun setting."


18. The best meal ever.

"I drove two hours to my boyfriend's house to spend the weekend. When I arrived, he was pulling bundles of tinfoil out of the oven and directing me to his car. Before I knew it, we were pulling in to a drive-in movie. He had prepared one of the best meals I have ever had: homemade mini pumpkin pies, mini lasagnas, and Tater Tots topped with cheese and bacon. We spent the evening snuggling in the truck bed, enjoying the movie, and the crisp night air. It was the most amazing date I have ever been on and I am so glad I married that man!"


19. The small star.

"I love stars, but in the city bright ones are hard to find. The guy I was dating last year knew there would be load shedding in his friend’s area (the government cuts electricity in scheduled districts to conserve energy) so he set up a date on his roof. He laid blankets, bought champagne and my favourite flowers, and spent the day hanging fairy lights to mimic the stars. After 10 minutes the power was cut and the sky lit up, and we spent the whole night drinking champagne and stargazing. I believe people become stars when they die, and at the end of the date he pointed out a really small star and told me that he had registered it online as ‘Alan Dale’, the name of my brother who died a few months before, and gave me the certificate."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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