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    22 Questions You'll Have Asked Yourself If You Always Stay Up Late

    The midnight hour is for deep questions, like "What should I watch next on Netflix?"

    1. What should I watch next on Netflix?

    2. How many hours of sleep will I get if I close my eyes right this second?

    3. Should I text my crush?

    4. Why is Tumblr just full of dicks and porn at this hour?

    5. Is my ex dating somebody better than me?

    6. Why am I not asleep yet?

    7. Is everybody else in my house asleep right now?

    8. Do I need to start going to the gym?

    9. Do I ~really~ need to start eating better?

    10. Why am I absolutely starving?

    11. Why do all the TV shows after midnight have sign language translators like deaf people don't ever have early nights?

    12. What was that noise? There's a killer in the house, isn't there?

    13. Is it too late to take a bath?

    14. Should I flush the toilet?

    15. Why do I stay up late just to judge other people by their Twitter and Facebook?

    16. Am I happy with my life?

    17. What can I do to make my life better?

    18. What if everybody around me is a robot or a projection of my own subconscious?


    20. Why have I suddenly become a philosopher at 3am?

    21. Why can't I fall asl–?

    22. Why is everybody out to annoy me? Can't they see I had no sleep?