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    "Incredibles 2" Has Already Made $500m, Making It The Highest Grossing Animated Movie Of All Time

    Those 14 years were definitely worth the wait.

    Fourteen years is a long time. Like, a really long time. Want to know how long? Just ask anybody in their mid-late twenties who's been waiting Fourteen goddamn years for an Incredibles sequel.

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    Thankfully, the forces that be โ€“ aka the House of Mouse โ€“ finally blessed us with what we've all been waiting for and officially released Incredibles 2 last month.


    And apparently it was all worth the wait because the movie has absolutely dominated the box office, already raking in more than half a billion dollars in the US alone.


    According to Box Office Mojo, Incredibles 2 has already made $504,382,414 domestically, making it America's 11th highest grossing movie of all time.


    Just less than $30m will see it creep into the 10th spot, past Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

    This also makes Incredibles 2 the most successful animated movie of all time in the US, beating Finding Dory and Shrek 2, which are placed 13th and 18th on the list respectively.

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    And on top of all that, Incredibles 2 is now the most successful PG rated movie in America, slipping past Beauty and the Beast.


    In the list of highest grossing movies worldwide, Incredibles 2 is currently at 84th, with a combined taking of $772.8m.


    But with the movie still unreleased in some international territories, including major European and Asian countries, this number is set to soar even higher.

    Not bad at all. Something tells me even Edna Mode would be impressed.


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