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That "Right In Front Of My Salad" Porno Is Back And It's Even Better Than The First

This post is very NSFW but nothing compares to THE THINGS THAT SALAD MUST'VE SEEN!

You probably remember the "in front of my salad" meme that went around the internet not too long ago. Warning: here’s a very NSFW reminder, in case you forgot.

RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD is trending now I have hope there's still good in this world

Well, because you can never have too much of a good thing, let me introduce you to "Right in Front of My Salad... Again"!

That's right, the woman who was just trying to eat her salad is the man's WIFE. W I F E. BONDED BY THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE.

Anyway, the whole thing starts with the salad prep. Apparently the wife has decided she won't divorce her piece-of-shit husband, but let's not get into that just yet.

It even gives a close-up of the salad because, y'know, the salad's kind of the main star.

And obviously that salad is hitting the spot.

Anyway, elsewhere Jaxton has booked a masseuse for his wife because after fucking in front of her salad last time, it's the least she deserves, y'know? But apparently Jaxton wants to try his wife's gift first...

"La la la laaaaa, this salad is so damn good wow."


This can't be happening again!? 😩

Honestly, like, I feel sorry for the wife, but won't anybody think of the salad? The things it must've seen!

I don't know about you, but I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for episode three tbh. Keep your eyes peeled for when this cinematic masterclass is nominated for an Oscar.

If salad girl doesn't leave her husband after part 2 of not in front of my salad lol