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Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa Took A Photo Together And Now I'm Like, 200% More Gay

Is it a bird? Is it plane? No, it's just my wig in orbit.

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You definitely know who Queen Ariana Grande is. I won't accept that you don't because it's impossible.

And after reigning supreme for all of 2017 and telling us not to get back with our trash exes, you definitely know Queen Dua Lipa too.

Well the two queens just came together and posted a picture on Instagram, but before we go any further THIS IS A WARNING – hold your wigs, guard your edges, and don't look directly at it in case you explode in a puff of glitter.

Introducing the cover art for "I'm So Into New Rules", the new pop perfection by Queens x2.

OK that is not actually a thing but hey if you're listening ladies, I'm begging you to make that happen.


Now in case you think I'm overreacting, I'm not the only one to be found absolutely stanning this dream team.

.@katyperry liked the post from DUALIPA with Ariana Grande

Just imagine if they do actually come together for a collab.

I’m just sitting here thinking about the possibility of an Ariana Grande/Dua Lipa collaboration

It would honestly be over for us all. RIP.

once dua lipa and ariana grande collab it's over for u bitches

But I'm not joking @ArianaGrande and @DuaLip, give us advanced warning please.

Sis explain whether we should get our wigs ready or not @DUALIPA @ArianaGrande