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    David Beckham Is Basically The Cutest Dad Ever And Here's The Proof

    "I'm not a regular dad, I'm a cool dad." – David, probably

    1. When he let Harper use him as a place to nap.

    2. When he had a play fight with Brooklyn and showed him who's still boss.

    3. When he took Cruz to Disneyland and got beaten on Toy Story.

    4. When he uploaded this cute snap for Romeo's birthday, and made a little dig that he still supported Arsenal.

    5. When he was hungover and still let Harper dress him up like a cute princess.

    6. In fact he's pretty dedicated to letting Harper accessorise him.

    7. And letting her use him as a place to doodle.

    8. When he took Romeo and Cruz to Wimbledon for a boys day out.

    9. In fact, he's done that more than once.

    10. And he also took them to see the baseball, which is a pretty cool dad thing to do.

    11. When he had some quality bonding time with Brooklyn and took him sea fishing in matching hats.

    12. He also took Brooklyn to see the Stone Roses.

    13. And even Beyoncé, which is the just the epitome of cool.

    14. When the family went on a hike and he carried Harper the whole way.

    15. A dad that takes you on late-night crepe runs is what dreams are made of.

    16. When he and Brooklyn had a pancake-flipping contest, which David claims to have won.

    17. This cute snap of him cuddling Cruz.

    18. When he let Brooklyn drive him around and wasn't sure how he felt about it.

    19. This picture of David with Harper when she was first born would melt the heart of an ice queen.

    20. When he appreciated the things that matter in life, like reading his kids bedtime stories.

    21. And finally, just this, which is the cutest thing ever.