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22 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Grindr Was At Its Worst In 2015

My fish drowned, show some damn compassion.

1. When this guy had every ounce of compassion about dead pets.

OK you're a Grindr bot, but I have feelings too, y'know?

2. When some users managed to escape from block jail to make life more awkward for everybody.

When you block someone on Grindr and they reappear, moments later, to ask why you blocked them.

3. When the evolutionary series of gay men got too complicated.

Someone on Grindr is listed as a 'Mega Bottom' - I wonder if that comes before or after Power Bottom in the evolutionary series.

4. When all somebody wanted to do was trade playing cards.

Funny Grindr reply courtesy of suggestion by @KinKitsune. #GayNightIn

5. When traditional and sacred festivals weren't even safe from being used as chat up lines.

Someone on Grindr asked me if I wanted to put the D in their Diwali 🙃

6. When this guy proved that romance in 2015 is so, so real.

7. When everything stopped being fun and games.

Grindr is all fun and games until someone with no picture messages u saying 'I've seen you on [street name] so many times'

8. And it seemed like every last step you took was under surveillance.

As soon as someone on Grindr tells you that you're a "regular at Sainsbury's" you know it's time to start shopping elsewhere.

9. When Grindr, for some reason, became a shoe shop.

Sometimes I really hate #Grindr #gayguyproblems

10. When this guy hit the nail on the head.

me when a guy on grindr is under 200 feet away

11. When work was no longer a safe environment.

that awkward moment you see your manager on grindr & his profile says "kinky only" 🙃😳

12. And neither was school.


13. When conversations took logically small steps.

14. And when this guy revealed too much too soon.

The next question is actually meant to be "how are you", for future reference.

15. When this guy tried to make Christmas sex puns in November.

10 points for creativity. But it's only November and already Christmas themed pick up lines?! #grindr

Those kind of chat up lines wouldn't even be acceptable in December.

16. When this guy was way too inventive to settle with a regular "hello".

I must've missed the memo... #Grindr #gayboyproblems #gaydating #gay

17. When Grindr was just full of lies and deceit.

Someone on grindr:hi😁 Me:what are u looking for?😏 Him:just friends😄 Me:

18. When... this happened?

10 funny Grindr conversations - http://t.co/LRN2TlW0Mq #gay #grindr


19. When this guy's name was clearly not something on his birth certificate.

I'm so funny 😂 #gayboyproblems #grindr

Need Filling is ~not~ what your mother named you.

20. When this guy was just not OK.

Not entirely sure what's going on here... Is he talking to me??? #Grindr #Drunk #Horny #LateNight #funny #lol

21. When bad grammar was pretty offensive.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's bad grammar! #Grindr #hot #funny #grammarnazi #gay #lol

Am I just the ugly one then?

22. And finally, when this guy just needed a place to eat his bloody burrito.

@Grindr this is a funny profile @ChipotleTweets