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    24 Secrets River Island Staff Will Never Tell You

    "Can we have a mop in the men's fitting rooms? Somebody's pissed on the floor."

    1. There is nothing worse than hearing your manager say you're going to be working on denim for an entire shift.

    2. Working in the kids' section is the best and worst.

    #riverisland do the cutest kids clothes 🙊👠🙊🙋 @riverisland #leatherjacket #mini

    It can be quite relaxing, but it can be hell on earth when one child has dropped their McDonald's Coke everywhere and another has thrown every shoe they can find on the floor.

    3. Everything ~has~ to be optioned and size ordered.

    4. The word “standards” is probably the most frequently used word by every River Island manager.

    5. If we're serving you at the till, it's our job to compliment whatever item you're about to buy.

    6. It's also part of our job to ask if you want a gift card.

    7. There's an actual way to fold clothes when putting them in the bag.

    8. You're not allowed to keep the hanger.

    9. We obviously have to wear River Island clothes, but hey, at least our uniform's free.

    10. Anybody who worked in River Island during 2013 secretly still hates Rihanna.

    11. Sometimes if you ask us to take something off the mannequin, we'll tell you we're not allowed even though we totally are.

    12. Most customers want to return something on a Sunday.

    13. We're not meant to go in and pick up the clothes you leave in the changing room.

    14. Customers disappearing into cubicles together is pretty common.

    15. We find all kinds of nasty stuff in the changing rooms: leftover fast food, spilled drinks, and even urine.

    16. We have to be aware of current fashion trends and know the River Island mood boards off by heart.

    17. The words "up-sell" and "cross-sell" are burned into our brain, even after we've left.

    18. Going to the stockroom for a pair of shoes is actually a chance to sit down for five minutes.

    19. We've all stabbed ourselves with a kimble gun.

    20. Everybody loses their shit when the Lewises come to visit.

    21. Some stores have an off-site warehouse and there is actually nothing worse than being asked to go and work there when they're short of staff.

    22. There is no shift during the Christmas period that is actually enjoyable to work.

    Literally fuck working any shift during the Christmas period.

    23. It's every man for himself when there's a sale on.

    Shoes, handbags and clothes galore at the @riverisland and @OutfitFashionUK ​sale this week! #AW15

    24. Although we get 25% discount, we do still shop in Topshop and Topman.

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