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    Henry Cavill Just Found Out That He "Died" Two Days Ago And You're Probably As Confused As He Is

    RIP Henry.

    So there I was, living life carefree on the internet, when I got the worst news – Henry Cavill had died two days ago.

    I was devastated, I was distraught, I was inconsolable. Like, how could Henry Cavill be dead before I'd had the chance to marry him? How could life be so unfair?

    But I am here to spread the good news that Henry is in fact alive and well, and probably just as confused as you are.

    This is the face of someone who doesn't know that they're meant to be dead right now. It is also the face of the best looking man on the planet. Don't @ me, I don't make the rules.

    But anyway, now we know that Henry is still gracing the Earth, we can celebrate with this GIF. Long live our Man of Steel.