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The Twitter Hashtag Is 10 Years Old Today, Further Proof That 2007 Was The Best


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Twitter's been knocking around since 2006 now, but did you know that today, 23rd August 2017, it's the hashtag's 10th birthday!? Here I am celebrating and not feeling old at all.

Yep, way back in 2007, Twitter user @chrismessina thought the hashtag would be a good way to make groups.

how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

I don't actually know what bar camp is, but hey, who am I to argue with a genius?

And now the hashtag gets used on average more than 125 million times A DAY.


To put it in some perspective, the most tweeted hashtag in 2007 was #noticias, the Spanish word for news, which was used around 9000 times. In 2017, the most used hashtag so far has been #BTSBBMAS (a K-pop band), which has been tweeted more than 300 million times.


The most tweeted television show hashtag of all time is #TheWalkingDead.


While the most tweeted movie hashtag is #StarWars.

20th Century Fox

#FollowFriday has been tweeted more than half a billion times since it started on 16th January 2009, and #NowPlaying has been tweeted more than a billion times since 2007.


Some of the most impactful hashtags in the last decade include #BlackLivesMatter, #Brexit, and #TheDress.