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    Posted on Jul 28, 2016

    This Is A Reminder That Charlie Hunnam Has The Best Butt Of All Time

    God bless the angels that carved it.

    It's pretty much fact that Charlie Hunnam is a god amongst men, right?

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
    Kevin Winter / Getty

    Have you EVER seen a face that magically handsome?

    Well, this is just a little reminder that even on the darkest of days, we'll always have Charlie's butt.

    20th Television

    Have you ever seen a butt more perfect?

    20th Television

    The answer is no because God only moulded one butt in his lifetime and it was CLEARLY Charlie's.

    So basically, bookmark this page and every time you're feeling a little down, come back to it and treat yourself.

    20th Television

    God bless the butt.

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