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    Chris Evans Has Gone From Captain America To Captain Daddy In The "Infinity War" Trailer And People Are Insanely Thirsty For It

    The biggest star of Infinity War? Chris Evans and his full-daddy beard.

    So at this point you probably know that Avengers: Infinity War is coming out soon because basically it stars 93% of Hollywood's actors.

    And during the Super Bowl commercials, Marvel dropped a trailer that got everyone pumped.

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    But I'm gonna be real with you here. The most important thing about the trailer? Chris fucking Evans.

    And, more specifically, his beautiful face, flowing locks, and full-daddy beard. MY BODY IS READY, CAPTAIN.

    Look, I don't want to be rude to the other people in this movie because they're all amazing, but I just can't help it – my eyes won't leave Chris Evans.

    They refuse to lose sight of this blessing that has been bestowed upon them.

    But anyway, before you start thinking it's just me being a thirst queen (which, in fairness, wouldn't be far from the truth), I'm not the only one who's waiting for the captain to do unholy things.

    If anything, the thirst on Twitter is 10 times worse than the thirst going on inside my head.

    Like, for real.

    People are living.

    People are dying.

    But most importantly, people are telling the goddamn truth.

    @beiyasal @IRONSTVRK my boy? sis thats my MAN, my CAPTAIN, my LEADER

    All I know is you're all gonna have to fight me on opening night to get to the front row. God bless (Captain) America.