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    Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    19 Secrets Guys With Tall Boyfriends Won't Tell You

    Yes, he does take it up the butt.

    1. Everybody will automatically assume that since your boyfriend is taller, he must be the top.

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    Being a top means he's a giver. Being tall does not.

    2. But in actual fact your boyfriend enjoys a dick in the butt too.

    3. In fairness though, when you try to top it's like a puppy humping a lamp post.

    4. Your friends will call you a power bottom because you're the small one and that's just how it is.


    5. People will also assume that your boyfriend pays when you go out on date night.


    He's tall like a tree, he doesn't make money like one.

    6. Or that he's the "man" of the relationship.


    I'm the one that catches the spiders in our household.

    7. Just because your boyfriend's tall doesn't mean he's masc4masc and you're at home painting your nails.


    8. If you look even vaguely similar, people will just assume he's your older brother.


    9. Or worse, your dad.


    He's my daddy between the sheets, nowhere else.

    10. Your boyfriend likes to tease that you're a walking blowjob.

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    11. Which of course isn't true but him being so tall makes it easier to get down there.

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    12. People always want to ask if your boyfriend is "in proportion".

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    Just ask me how big his dick is.

    13. People think you're a twink even when you're clearly not a twink.


    14. Your boyfriend makes you look small so you spend a lot of your time telling people that no, you're not "small for a guy".

    15. When your boyfriend's taller than you, you're able to steal his clothes in the knowledge that he can't steal yours.

    16. If you're already a tall guy, you're always surprised and a little happy to have found a guy that's even taller than you are.

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    FINALLY I can little spoon properly.

    17. And it opens up a ton of doors in the bedroom.


    18. But if you're both over 6 foot, you can wave goodbye to doing cute things like taking a bath together.

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    19. But even though he takes up most of the bed, having a tall boyfriend is the best.

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