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    18 Times Same-Sex Couples Ruined The Sanctity Of Marriage

    Homosexuals out here, ruining it for everybody else obvs.

    1. "It’s disgusting."

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Yep, two people being in love is absolutely abhorrent.

    2. "Same-sex couples don’t deserve marriage."

    Pool / Getty Images

    This couple have been together for 23 years, which is approximately 116 times longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries, and they don't deserve it?

    3. "It’s just not natural."

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    Are we all looking at the same picture?

    4. "Same-sex marriage will ruin a sacred institution."

    Mark Runnacles / Getty Images

    Straight couples got there and ruined it before same-sex marriage did.

    5. "It’s not what God intended."

    Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images

    OK, let's all live our lives by a book written centuries ago.

    6. "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

    7. Marriage is about love.

    8. "Marriage should only be for families."

    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    Yep, because same-sex couples can no longer have children.

    9. "It won’t last."

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    As long as it lasts longer than those 55 hours Britney clocked up, we're all good.

    10. "Gay people don’t even want to get married."

    11. "It doesn’t look right when it’s not a man and a woman."

    Marty Melville / AFP / Getty Images

    Happiness just doesn't look right, sigh.

    12. "It will lead to higher rates of divorce."

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    Straight people have got that covered tbh.

    13. "It makes me feel uncomfortable."

    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    Two people in love makes you feel uncomfortable?

    14. "I don't agree."

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    These brides look 100% bothered by your shit opinions.

    15. "It's just wrong."

    David Ryder / Getty Images

    Say it louder, nobody was listening. Too busy being happy about being in love.

    16. "It will encourage everybody else to be gay."

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Of course, when we watched our parents get married we all turned straight. That's how we're here, currently marrying people of the same sex.

    17. "If you let same-sex marriage happen, who knows what will happen next?"

    Phil Walter / Getty Images

    It's not a mystery, we already know what will happen next: Some men will marry men, some women will marry women, and the Earth will continue to spin.

    18. "The world will literally end."

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    It's only a matter of a time before the apocalypse is upon us.

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