Beyoncé Fans Are Going Wild Because They Think She Might Be Pregnant

    Here comes months of guess work and hidden messages again.

    The rumour mill is a wild place where crazy theories start, and usually without any evidence. So you can imagine the look on my face when I read on Twitter that Beyoncé is possibly pregnant again. It looked a little something like this...

    But in the end curiosity got the better of me and I begrudgingly decided to do a little investigating to put the matter to rest.

    So let's start with a recent video that was uploaded to Twitter of Beyoncé on stage during the On The Run II tour.

    Beyoncé is really pregnant again.. and she’s about to be a mother of 4 WOW

    Now I didn't really think anything was out of the ordinary until the little belly rub. I know, I know – does a belly rub really mean she's pregnant? Well, no. But also, let's remember that we've seen something a little similar when Bey revealed she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

    A Twitter user who attended the most recent show in Rome also had this to say afterwards.

    I watched Beyonce perform in Rome, Italy TODAY. I’m just gonna hottake this right now .. She might be pregnant.

    And when a video emerged of Beyoncé performing while sick, some fans were a little sceptical.

    @Bey_Legion “Sick” that’s a funny way of putting it.

    So naturally the rumours kind of blew up and got people talking.

    I don’t want to think Beyoncé is pregnant but I think Beyoncé is pregnant

    Us: “ARE YOU PREGNANT!?” Beyoncé:

    How can Beyoncé be pregnant we don't even know if the twins are real or a figment of our collective imagination

    And as another Twitter user pointed out, four is actually Beyoncé's lucky number.

    Beyoncè is pregnant, tbh. y’all thought they would stop at 3 when their favorite number is 4?

    If you're not sure what I'm talking about let me give you a brief rundown: Beyoncé, Jay, and Beyoncé's mom were all born on the 4th, Bey and Jay were married on the 4th in 2008 (8 divided by 2 is 4, as Beyoncé said herself), and Blue has the name "Ivy" because IV is the roman numeral for... you guessed it, the number four.

    But hold on to your wigs because Beyoncé might have dispelled the rumour on Instagram when she posted a picture of her and Jay on holiday.

    If you look to the left of Beyoncé, you can see her shoes alongside an open bottle of what appears to be beer.

    So what does it all mean!? Well, Beyoncé has a habit of playing with us to the point where we now think every little thing is a hidden message.

    But until Beyoncé confirms or denies it herself, I guess we'll never know! In the meantime, you can expect fans to be keeping a close eye on how things unfold for the next few weeks.

    BuzzFeed have reached out to representatives of Beyoncé for comment.