"Infinity War" Fans Are Flooding Chris Pratt's Instagram With The Same Joke

    Spoilers for Infinity War ahead, obviously.

    Before we go any further, if you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War and don't want the film ruined before you see it, STOP. HALT. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.

    There are spoilers ahead and this is your last warning. I don't want any of you trying to @ me on Twitter or in the comments, OK?

    Soooo you know Chris Pratt.

    The guy we used to love until he fucked everything up in Infinity War. Yeah – I said it's ALL HIS GODDAMN FAULT.

    Well, now that he's ruined the entire universe and Thanos is just chilling, Chris is trying to mind his own business on Instagram like he hasn't done anything wrong.

    Basically when he disintegrated into dust at the end of Infinity War, he didn't die, he just got transported back to his farm.

    Where he and his son look to be having a pretty great time.

    But people aren't letting Star-Lord get away with the crimes he has committed.

    Oh no, they're holding him accountable for his actions.

    Let's be honest, they're not wrong. They have a very valid point.

    And if Chris thinks he can vacate Instagram and go mind his business on Twitter...

    I hope I never meet Chris Pratt. I will forget he was playing a character, take off my shoe, and beat him upside the head with it.

    @AnotherNerd4 / Twitter

    Well, people aren't exactly happy with him there either.

    @___ANN3___ / Twitter

    But at least some people are trying to fight his corner.

    Dr. Strange was the only one not tryin to stop Quill in that scene bc he saw the future and knew it needed to be done. No more Star Lord slander 🗣🗣

    @lakuhs / Twitter

    Either way, I'm still mad at you, Christopher. There best be a solution to this in the next movie.