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Six Years Ago Prince Kicked Kim K. Off The Stage And It’s Still Amazing

"I was so star struck I froze!"

2011 was a different time. Adele had just released 21, Beyoncé announced she was pregnant (with one child this time), and the Kardashians were seriously in love with leopard print.

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But just in case you'd forgotten, 2011 was also the year that Prince was doing his Welcome 2 America tour, which Kim Kardashian attended in NYC.

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Here she is on 7 February 2011.

And yes, your memory might be coming back to you now, but just in case it isn't, this is what happened.

It's the 6-year anniversary of Prince telling Kim K to get off the stage

Basically Prince asked Kim to come up and dance and while Prince was getting down, Kim just kinda... stood there.


In now deleted tweets, Kim said at the time: "OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I'm shaking!!!! I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!"

But it seems that Kim managed to redeem herself later in the night.


In other deleted tweets, Kim said: "Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!"

Kim remembered the moment on Instagram a while ago, after the death of Prince in 2016.

She should've just got up and done this tbh.

RIP Prince. ❤️