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    Here Are All The Details We Know About "Toy Story 4" So Far

    Roll on 2019.

    1. At this point, everybody knows that Toy Story 4 is set to be released in summer 2019. It will be released on 21 June to be exact.

    2. This follows Pixar's choice to swap the release dates for Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2, releasing the latter first due to its production being ahead.

    Disney Pixar

    3. If Toy Story 4 follows tradition, it will be 1hr 54min long. This is because each movie in the franchise has been longer than the previous by 11 minutes.

    Disney Pixar

    According to their respective IMDB pages, Toy Story was 1hr 21min, Toy Story 2 was 1hr 32min, and Toy Story 3 was 1hr 43min.

    4. The plot will centre around the search for Bo Peep, who was absent in the third movie because she was apparently "given away in a yard sale".

    Disney Pixar

    5. Pixar's Jim Morris has called the movie "a very special and emotional love story".

    Disney Pixar

    6. He also revealed that Toy Story 4 "is a separate story" and therefore won't be a continuation of the trilogy.

    Disney Pixar

    7. Tom Hanks confirmed in 2015 that they were already recording the voices for Toy Story 4.

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    8. And in September of the same year, Tim Allen also confirmed that he was due to start recording the voice of Buzz Lightyear "in about three weeks".

    Chloe Rice / Getty Images

    9. According to Tom Hanks, when he confirmed to a reporter that Toy Story 4 was going ahead, he received a phone call from Disney lawyers basically telling him off for talking about the rumours.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Disney were apparently worried that it would "affect their stock market price".

    10. While rewrites of the script were happening, Don Rickles, who voiced Mr Potato Head, died. According to his rep, Rickles had yet to record his voice for Toy Story 4.

    Mark Mainz / Getty Images

    It's still unknown if Mr Potato Head will be recast, voiced by Rickles using previously recorded dialogue, or left out of the movie altogether.

    11. Following screening of Toy Story 4 footage at CineEurope, it was confirmed by guests that new characters include Lulu, a Hawaiian doll made of paper.

    Disney Pixar

    12. There is an easter egg for Toy Story 4 in the latest Incredibles instalment, but according to Nathan Fariss, the set supervisor, we probably won't know what it is until Toy Story's release in 2019.

    Disney Pixar

    13. According to Annie Potts, who voices Bo Peep, Pixar "threw out three quarters of [the script] and rewrote it".

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    14. Josh Cooley, who was originally billed as the co-director for Toy Story 4, will now be the sole director. This follows sexual misconduct allegations against John Lasseter, who left his role as director of the movie and took leave of absence from Pixar as a result.

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    15. This will be Josh Cooley's first directorial role in a full feature movie, although he has directed a couple of Pixar shorts in the past, and also has a writing credit for Inside Out.

    Disney Pixar

    16. One of the original screenwriters for Toy Story 4, Rashida Jones, left the project due to Pixar's lack of diversity. In a statement, she said: "Women and people of colour do not have an equal creative voice."

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    17. And finally, Toy Story 4 will most likely be the last Pixar film of the decade. This brings the franchise full circle considering that Toy Story 3 was the first Pixar film of the 2010s.

    Image Group La / Disney/Image Group LA via Getty

    The next Pixar film could be released in the first quarter of the year, with 13 March 2020 being rumoured as the specific date.