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19 Sex, Love, And Dating Quizzes That'll Have You Debating All Goddamn Night

These debates might get a little heated, you've been warned.

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There's two things a lot of people love: talking about sex/love/dating and having an opinion. So I've put together a list of BuzzFeed quizzes that'll give you both. Got a strong opinion? Make it heard!

Each quiz has an example of one or two questions so you can see what kinda thing you're getting into. And if you want to have your say, just click on the link.

3. Would you rather have your mum walk in while you're losing your virginity, or have someone shart in your mouth? And would you rather start your period during a threesome or fall head-first into a glass door during sex and shatter it?

4. Is it worse if your partner gives oral sex to someone else, or if they receive it from someone else? And is it worse if they cheat on your birthday, or if they cheat on your anniversary?

6. Would you rather only have sex in the missionary position or in the doggy position? And is amazing sex that lasts 47 seconds better than average sex that lasts 10 minutes?

7. The day before your wedding, you find out your partner kissed someone else. Are you going to call the wedding off? What about if you found a text from their ex on the day of the wedding saying "I had fun last night"? Will you still go through with it?

9. Have you cheated on someone before? Would you do it again? Or are you just interested to see what people who've cheated on their partner have to say about why they did it?

12. Would you go through your partner's phone if you thought they were cheating? What about if your partner cheated on you once at the beginning of the relationship, would you want to know or remain oblivious?

14. Would you rather get your period or diarrhoea on your wedding day? And would you be more mad if someone wore white to your wedding, or if someone got proposed to at your wedding?