Emilia Clarke Has A New Puppy Called Ted And He Must Be Protected At All Costs

    "He physically cannot stop being the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD."

    Now that Game of Thrones is over, Emilia Clarke no longer has a squad of dragons to call her pets.

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    But, jumping on Instagram recently, Emilia revealed that she actually has a new man in her life now — THE MOST ADORABLE PUPPY IN THE WORLD!

    His name is Ted and not to be dramatic but I would lay down my life for him.

    It's any wonder Emilia looks so happy. How could you not be with this cutie pie licking your face?

    A literal angel.

    "He just can't stop. He physically cannot stop being the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD," Emilia captioned the picture on Instagram.

    "Erryone meet Ted," Emilia continued. "Super Ted. My new main squeeze. Light of my goddamn life. Ready to fill this Instagram feed to bursting whilst still being able to leave room in a teacup."

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    That's right — leave room in a teacup!

    Emilia hashtagged the picture "Goodbye sleep, goodbye carpets, goodbye slippers, hello poop" which suggests Ted is pretty active and adept at chewing on things he probably shouldn't be.


    Emilia's not bothered about that though, adding, "Cos he's worth it" along with a bunch of loved-up emojis.

    And, with more than 1.3 million likes in just a couple of hours, it's clear to see that Ted is already a fan-favourite.

    I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see more of Ted on Emilia's Instagram! 🥰

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