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    Drew Barrymore Spray Painted Her Ex-Boyfriend's Car So Yeah, Don't Cross Drew Barrymore

    "It was really fun."

    You already know Drew Barrymore so I guess there's no need for introductions here.

    What I will introduce you to though is badass Drew Barrymore who used to spray paint the cars of ex-boyfriends in the '90s.

    So Drew recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she suddenly decided to treat the interview like a confessional.

    What did she spray paint her ex-boyfriend's car with though? Well, she didn't go with the "you screwed me over" line. No no, she went for something that wouldn't give her away instead.

    And it worked, because even when the ex-boyfriend called her "crying like a little bitch" he still didn't have a clue. When he asked if she would have done this, this was her reaction...

    Drew then realised that she'd just given herself away after 20 years of living as a free woman.

    But she said that the memory was "such a moment" and "worth the phone call I might get soon".

    You can watch the full clip here:

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