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Design Your Own BDSM Sex Room And We'll Reveal How Kinky You Are

The place you go to get really kinky.

So let's go on a little journey together (I mean, I'm not really with you, but I'm supporting you in spirit).

You came into a lot of money recently and bought a new house. It just so happens that this house has a basement and you've decided to turn it into your own little BDSM sex room. Christian Grey who?


So pull your interior designer socks up and let's get to work!

  1. Pick a door to enter your BDSM room...

  2. You need to decorate the place, so let's start with the floor

  3. And don't forget about the walls!

  4. You're gonna need something to sit on

  5. And you obviously need a bed, duh

  6. You don't want to make a mess of the bed, and PVC sheets will make cleaning much easier, but what colour?

  7. You'll want to slip into something a bit sexier when you enter the room, so what's it gonna be?

  8. And you'll need a wardrobe to put those clothes in

  9. Do you want some rope or bondage tape to use as restraints? And what colour do you want them?

  10. And finally, you'll need something to play with while you're in there