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The Jonas Brothers' Instagram Account Was "Hacked" By Diplo And They Appeared To Be Upset About It

But, as it transpires, they have a song coming out together.

Getting hacked is a celebrity's worst nightmare. So imagine the betrayal when you realise one of your own has taken control of your account and won't give it back...

That appears to be what's happened to the Jonas Brothers, whose Instagram page has been taken over by none other than Diplo.

It all started when, out of the blue, the Jonas Brothers' account uploaded a topless picture of the DJ, alongside a caption about giving free promo to Calvin Klein.

After that, this picture appeared with the caption: "Honestly can't tell if this is the front of Joe or the back of Nick. Follow @diplo."

It wasn't until a fourth picture was uploaded that Joe, Nick, and Kevin apparently noticed their account had been compromised.

"WTF @diplo. It was funny for like one post but we've got a show tonight and need the account back..." Kevin said from his own account in the comments.

"Seriously call me @diplo this isn't funny," said a more grumpy Nick, again from his own account.

"Bro you changed the password..." Joe said, which for some reason made me scream the loudest.

After telling Diplo to "chill fam", Joe then posted screenshots of text messages between the pair, but it doesn't look like Diplo is listening.

As for Diplo, he was busy revelling on his own page. "The @jonasbrothers are dorks and I hacked their Instagram," he gloated, adding "#dorkusbrothers" for good measure.

Of course, fans aren't exactly happy about any of this.

Especially after Diplo hit a nerve when he posted a meme alongside the caption: "Footage of Nick breaking up the band."

If Nick's hoping to get some sympathy from his wife Priyanka, he might find himself even more disappointed...

Anyway, two hours ago, Diplo posted this video from the JB account. The video, which actually made me choke on my water, ends with "Friday 12pm".

And then, not long after, Diplo posted this video to social media, along with a link to a premiere of a new song and video called "Lonely" which features, you guessed it, the Jonas Brothers.

lonely. 12am et https://t.co/IkHfa0Wdop

So keep your eyes peeled tomorrow! In the meantime, BuzzFeed has reached out to reps of the Jonas Brothers and Diplo to see if the band will be getting their account back anytime soon...