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20 Faces You'll Recognise From Results Day

Please Jesus may you save us.

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2. Then someone says the answer for one of the questions and you suddenly know you answered the question wrong and are going to fail at everything.


5. When your friend keeps trying to remind you that it's results day tomorrow but you're too busy ordering your headstone because you know you failed so bad.

6. When your parents say they want to watch you open your results but you know the only thing they're gonna be seeing is the inside of the car because no you're coming in with me.


15. When you ask a teacher to remove the Einstein that got all A's before you do something you're probably not going to regret but may get you expelled.

17. When the teacher congratulates you on doing so well in her class but you don't want to remind her that an A in Personal Development isn't going to pay the bills.


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