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    17 Of The Pettiest Texts Ever Sent

    New number, who dis?

    1. When you're trying to hurt somebody's ego.

    2. When the petty "K" comes out to play.

    3. When you're not the one going to bed on an empty stomach.

    4. When you can't be there for your boyfriend, but you've got his back-up options ready.

    5. When he tries that sexting shit.

    6. When you want to start getting REAL petty.

    7. When you've got your read receipts turned on but you want to make sure they know you still don't give a shit.

    8. When your boo has pissed you off so you start relegating their title.

    9. When your lies are nothing but transparent.

    10. When your petty self is hungry for food, not for dick.

    11. When they think they can ignore you for a couple days but you can play that game just as petty.

    12. When you been thinking about it all day and made up your petty mind.

    13. When your friends are inconsiderate about your feelings.

    14. When you know the facts.

    15. When they finally come crawling back.

    16. When you've got your plans sorted and they don't include a fuckboy.

    17. When you're not fucking with them anymore.