Kristen Bell Praised Dax Shepard After He Posted A Video Shaving His Hair Off So He Could Match Their Daughter

    "[My daughter] requested a specific haircut a few days ago, and now I want to match her."

    Dax Shepard is rocking a brand new 'do after he shaved half of his hair off so he could match his daughter.

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    The Employee of the Month actor posted a video on Thursday, revealing in the caption that his daughter had requested a "specific haircut" and he wanted to join her.

    Dax even went one step further and did the job himself, with a little bit of Sara Bareilles playing in the background for good measure.

    In fact, the song playing was important to note, with Dax revealing that his daughters are a fan of "Armour" and thanking Sara for "giving [them] an anthem" to listen to.

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    Sara responded to the shoutout, writing: "This is the best best best. Thank you for being a kick ass dad for strong young women!"

    In a later post, Dax unveiled the final result, with half of his hair buzzed off.

    Reposting the original video, Kristen Bell praised her husband, writing: "I love this man so much. He wanted to twin with our daughter."

    Last year, Kristen revealed that the couple's 7-year-old daughter Lincoln had woken up one morning and asked if she could cut her hair, something which took them by surprise.

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    "My oldest daughter shaved the side of her head a couple weeks ago. I gave her permission," Kristen said. "She just woke up one morning and was like, 'I need to shave this whole side right here.'"

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