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    Darren Criss Told Such A Big Lie That He Ended Up Having To Fake A British Accent For Four Years

    Darren speaking in a British accent is enough to make any knees weak.

    Darren Criss is insanely hot, but I'm not here to tell you things you should already know. Instead, I'm here to tell you the story about how Darren Criss had to fake a British accent for FOUR WHOLE YEARS.

    While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Darren admitted to faking accents with his actor friends back in the day when he lived in San Francisco.

    And so the story goes that while attending a Phantom Planet concert, Darren decided he wanted to be on the floor instead of the balcony. Using a British accent, he persuaded the woman that he was visiting from the UK and was only in San Francisco for one night.

    Fast-forward to the next day and Darren was in a record store when he bumped into the same woman. And so you'd think Darren would just 'fess up and admit that he lied. Nope, he came up with another elaborate story instead.

    And because the woman lived near his house, Darren had to keep up the lie and British accent for four years.

    Finally, after bumping into the woman frequently and having to fake the accent (for four years if you forgot), Darren told her the truth.

    And her response was the same as yours probably is right now...

    So the moral of the story is... Use a British accent if you ever want to get into a better spot at a gig.

    To listen to Darren's British accent in all its glory, here it is. You should probably sit down – you've been warned...

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