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People Have Mixed Emotions After Chrissy Teigen Defended Her Unpopular Food Opinions

From Nutella to deep dish pizza with a stop at Milky Way in between.

Chrissy Teigen's not exactly someone who will shy away from giving her honest opinion, which is why we love her.

And when she was confronted about her ~unpopular food opinions~ in a recent interview with First We Feast to promote her new cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More, she didn't back down.

While eating hot wings, Chrissy was asked about foods she's openly admitted to hating in the past. First up was Nutella, something which I guess you could say Chrissy isn't fond of.

Or maybe that's an understatement.

In fact, she proudly hates Nutella.


But that was back in 2014, so how does Chrissy feel about that opinion now? Yeah, it hasn't exactly changed.

Chrissy continued to drag Nutella by calling it "the mimosa of foods".

Next up on the hit list — Milky Way, which she tweeted about last year.

"sorry, i was eating a milky way" more like "sorry i was eating a milky way" lol milky ways suck

Judging by the fact Chrissy started her defence by calling them trash, I think it's safe to say her opinion on that hasn't changed either.

She continued that although she did receive backlash for that tweet, nobody who was offended had actually eaten a Milky Way recently, which basically made her point.

The final food to hit the podium was deep dish pizza, something which Chrissy wrote about in a blog post waaaay back in 2011. Have a little read of her glowing review.

In the blog post, she also called deep dish pizza "cheese casserole with tomato topping".

2018 Chrissy Teigen is still not fussed on the whole deep dish thing, saying that she "respects it for what it is" but that "it’s not pizza".

Naturally, when Twitter heard Chrissy's defence of her past food opinions, they also had some thoughts and feelings to get off their chest. Some were hurt.

My heart is Broken that @chrissyteigen said on Hot Ones that Deep Dish Pizza wasn’t Pizza

Love @chrissyteigen but she better keep that heat aimed at chicken wings and fall back on deep dish pizza. Respect the deep dish. @seanseaevans

But others were out in full support!

@chrissyteigen @firstwefeast I went to college in Illinois. Deep dish 'pizza' is a garbage tomato cheese soup. Not #pizza

I agree with @chrissyteigen about Nutella, Milky Way, and deep dish pizza 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is what it is!

Yup @chrissyteigen is right- deep dish is not pizza! It’s a casserole @seanseaevans #hotones

So that's what Chrissy thinks about Nutella, Milky Way, and deep dish pizza — dare I ask what your thoughts are?

While you think it over, you can watch the full interview here.

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