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    Chrissy Teigen Is Reminding Her Friends That Her Dog Just Died Because It's What He Would've Wanted

    "Puddy would've wanted this."

    Last night, Chrissy Teigen announced that her beloved dog, Puddy, had died.

    On Instagram, she posted a ton of memories with Puddy, including this heartbreaking caption about how he'd been there through everything.

    But although the news was terribly sad, people thought this tribute in particular, where Chrissy pointed out that yes, Puddy had been married to Pippa, was equal parts emotional and adorable.

    Although clearly upset, Chrissy still managed to have the most Chrissy Teigen reaction ever when she saw one of her friends having fun on Instagram...

    ...And decided to remind them of the sad times we're currently living in.

    And when she saw that her friend Jen hadn't received the memo either...

    ...She provided a polite reminder again.

    Chrissy then jumped on Twitter to let us know it's what Puddy would've wanted.

    And tbh he 100% deserves to be the centre of attention. We love you, Puddy!