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Chris Pratt Just Told A Story About His Son Swearing And It's Wild

Never tell a kid they're allowed to swear.

Gather round one and all, it's story time. And today our story comes from... CHRIS PRATT! Although you probably guessed that from the headline, so it won't be a surprise.

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Anyway, Chris recently made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show with some of his Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom costars, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum.


When the conversation moved on to their kids, Chris had them all beat with a simple story of a time he took his five year old son, Jack, fishing.

So Chris has this rule with Jack that when they go fishing together, which is quite often because Chris owns a farm with a lake, they're both allowed to swear.

One time, Chris tried to get Jack to pose for a picture with a fish that they'd caught, but things didn't exactly go to plan when the hard spine of the fish injured Jack's hand.


Seems like the perfect time to let out a couple of profanities, right? But Jack's first choice of words weren't really that bad. I mean, I've definitely said worse.


But uhhh, that wasn't the end of it. When Chris asked Jack if he'd got it all out, he was somewhat surprised at what Jack said next...


My reaction is somehow Bryce, Jeff, and Thandie Newton all at once.


You can watch the clip for yourself here:

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