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Here's The Real Reason Why Charli D'Amelio Lost Almost A Million Followers In A Single Day

On the surface, it looks bad. Like, really bad. But everything isn't as it seems. In fact, the tide might already be turning.

So, Charli D'Amelio lost nearly a million followers in a single day. But, although the numbers look bad on the surface, what they actually reveal is kind of the opposite.

The social media star, famously known as the most-followed person on TikTok, was closing in on the 100 million milestone this week, something which was made even more impressive by the fact it took little more than a year to achieve.

But the 16-year-old found herself on the receiving end of an intense backlash after a disastrous YouTube video uploaded to her family's channel on Monday went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Following the video, Charli and older sister Dixie were called out for what was deemed "ungrateful" and "disrespectful" behaviour towards personal chef, Aaron May, after they aimed a number of negative comments at him and the food.

In fact, it was hard to find any positive feedback on the video at all and the internet was awash with backlash over the rude comments.

However, despite losing close to a million followers in one day, all isn't quite what it seems. In fact, the numbers tell a slightly different story and seemingly reveal that Charli hasn't been "cancelled" after all.

While the majority of criticism about the video focused on Charli and Dixie's comments to the chef, another clip was flying under the radar. It showed Charli talking about hitting the 100 million milestone and seemingly complaining that she wasn't going to achieve the goal by Friday.

And it seems that this was the real reason behind the mass unfollowing spree. Taking a look at Charli's social media accounts reveals that TikTok is the only platform where she's actually lost followers. In fact, she's gained followers everywhere else.

This suggests that the rude comments from the YouTube video — which seemed to be the biggest problem on the surface — weren't actually an issue for the D'Amelio sisters, with Dixie gaining more than 200,000 TikTok followers on the same day that Charli's number plummeted.

So, no, it doesn't look like Charli D'Amelio is cancelled. If anything, it just seems like her TikTok followers are trying to teach her a lesson, stopping her from reaching the big milestone to make a point.

It's interesting to note that Charli has none other than James Charles in her corner while facing this latest backlash — someone with first hand experience of tackling a controversy and mass unfollowing before bouncing back stronger than ever.

But, as the numbers show, the sisters probably won't need too much mentorship — from James Charles or anyone else — to weather this storm. In fact, when Charli posted a new Instagram photo hours after the backlash, it garnered more than three million likes.

So, in short, it looks like the tide is already turning.