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    Céline Dion Posted A Picture And Now It's The Best Meme Of 2018

    "My Heart Will Go Off" – Céline the Don.

    Céline Dion is a goddamn icon. You can't argue with facts.

    So it's hardly surprising that when she posted a picture on Instagram recently, it was instantly turned into the best meme of 2018. First of all, here's the picture in question. I think you'll agree, Céline looks like a POWER GODDESS who means business.

    Naturally the picture made its way over to Twitter of course, where @MatthewACherry asked a genius question.

    And the responses were hilarious.

    My Heart Will Go Off

    Like, seriously hilarious.

    There were, of course, references to "My Heart Will Go On".

    @MatthewACherry Near, Far, Wherever You Ain’t

    Actually, there were a lot of references to it.

    Near. Far. Wherever the Hoes Are.

    Including responses to the age old question of whether Jack could actually fit on that damn door.

    But "My Heart Will Go On" wasn't the only song that was brought into it.

    A New Slay Has Come.

    When you have an epic back catalogue like Céline, there are a lot of options.

    It’s All Coming Back to Memes

    And no song was safe from the meme.

    I Trapped All Night

    Some people took a different approach and went from a Canadian perspective instead.

    Trudeau window, to the wall

    Oh, and let's not forget the French angle too.

    @WildHoneyRock @MatthewACherry All eyes on oui

    Could the mixtape be a follow up to Drake's album?

    @MatthewACherry Views ... but from the inside

    Or even 50 Cent's?

    Get Rich Or Dion Trying

    I don't know about you but I will absolutely be buying this mixtape.

    @MatthewACherry All by my Damn Self...the Remixes

    And listening to what will surely be the best release of 2018.

    @MatthewACherry This is King Kong! Yes Miss Dion!

    We're all ready to give you coins and wigs Céline, drop the mixtape already!