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Celebrities Are Coming Together To Make Sure Every Vote In The Election Is Counted — Here's Who's Involved And What They Said

"Waiting is hard. But democracy is worth waiting for."

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After months and months of buildup, US voters finally went to the polls in the presidential election on Tuesday. But, as predicted, the race is still too tight to call days later.

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With a record number of early and mail-in ballots still to be counted in crucial swing states, the tension has been rising, with Trump saying he wanted the vote count stopped after falsely claiming victory on election night.

How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?

Supporters of Trump have also been vocal about vote-counting too, calling for it to cease in some states but to continue elsewhere.

Trump supporters: "Stop the vote!" Also Trump supporters: "Count that vote!" #election2020

However, across social media, people are urging states to carry on counting every vote while reminding others to remain calm and patient for the result. Here are the celebrities who are also spreading this message.

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Kim Kardashian West posted the "count every vote" slogan to her Instagram story, alongside the tagline: "Waiting is hard. But democracy is worth waiting for."

As did Demi Lovato, who wrote: "Our democracy and freedom are worth waiting for. We must #CountEveryVote!!!"

Rihanna posted a message across her Instagram grid that read: "Count every vote we'll wait."

Gigi Hadid shared multiple posts about being patient for the result on her Instagram story, as well as thanking poll workers.

While Kylie Jenner also shared posts on her story from the same account.

Kerry Washington celebrated historic voter turnout before also encouraging people to remain patient and let officials "do their thing".

Ellen DeGeneres posted about "election protection" and making sure every ballot is counted.

And Eva Longoria shared a similar picture with an identical caption.

Viola Davis encouraged people to have patience in her vote-counting message.

Katy Perry posted a picture that said "every American counts" and another that said "102 million votes were cast before November 3rd. We must count all the votes."

Bryan Cranston said the wait was a "good sign" and indicated that "the democratic process is working as it should".

Alongside the "count every vote" picture, Shonda Rhimes wrote: "We need every vote counted. Trust the democratic process."

Amy Schumer posted a picture of Sesame Street's Count von Count along with the "count every vote" hashtag.

Zachary Quinto encouraged his followers to "be calm [and] be patient" alongside screenshots of tweets that helped to explain what's currently going on.

Madonna and Alicia Keys also posted their support on Instagram stories.

While other celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens also posted "count every vote" pictures on their social media accounts.

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