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    18 Celebrities Who Had A Way Better 4th Of July Than Me

    Parties and fireworks across the board.

    1. Kim Kardashian celebrated the 4th of July with a spot of water sports and s'mores.

    2. While her sister Khloé hosted a pretty awesome party at home. The DJ even gave her and Tristan a shoutout.

    3. Kendall also dropped by for the celebrations.

    4. Chrissy Teigen was at home with her family and lots of good food.

    5. And her husband John Legend treated us to this cute snap with Luna.

    6. Will Smith threw it all the way back to the movie Independence Day, reminding us all that we should still be thanking him and Jeff for saving the day.

    7. Miley Cyrus looked like she was having a real "Party in the USA".

    8. As did Tiffany Haddish, who was partying on a roof while watching the fireworks.

    9. Zac Efron was lighting fireworks on the beach, which I would absolutely advise against because, you know, safety.

    10. Mariah Carey gave a quick 4th of July message before she hit the stage for rehearsals in Vegas.

    11. While Gigi Hadid had Zayn on grilling duties.

    12. And although he's not American, Zayn showed his love for the day with a display of the highest order.

    13. Nick Jonas posted this cute reunion of all four Jonas brothers looking out over the New York City skyline.

    14. And if you're wondering if girlfriend Priyanka Chopra was there too, she absolutely was.

    15. Selena Gomez had a nostalgic throwback with Disney costar, David Henrie.

    16. While Jennifer Lopez was giving us some flare choreography.

    17. Jason Momoa celebrated Independence Day and getting a "dream job" with a spot of mountain biking.

    18. And finally, even though he's Canadian, Shawn Mendes celebrated the 4th of July from a boat while watching the fireworks.

    Here's to hoping your celebrations were just as fun!

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