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    Updated on Jul 24, 2018. Posted on Jul 23, 2018

    Here's What Celebs Got Up To At Comic Con

    What was going on behind-the-scenes? 👀

    1. Ryan Reynolds hung out with some Deadpool 2 pals.

    2. Draco Malfoy (or Tom Felton if you want to be technical) was being told some straight facts by Harry Potter fans.

    3. Alison Sudol gave us a BTS shot of Ezra Miller's iconic Comic Con outfit.

    4. Aaron Paul made sure his daughter looked the part for her Comic Con debut.

    5. The class of Riverdale were in session.

    6. Jason Momoa and Chris Pratt hung out.

    7. The cast of The Good Place looked like they were having a ball.

    8. Gal Gadot took a quick selfie from the road before taking to the stage for Wonder Woman.

    9. While KJ Apa snapped this mid-flight picture of Cole and Casey on their way to San Diego.

    10. But don't panic, they soon woke up and attended a party with Lili Reinhart.

    11. Grant Gustin was missing out on sleep but looked pretty happy about it tbf.

    12. Jensen Ackles gave us the view from above.

    13. Lauren Cohan showed us how much fun a Comic Con photo booth can be.

    14. Nicole Kidman gave love to the crowds waiting for Aquaman.

    15. Olivia Munn posed with her cast mates for The Predator.

    16. Ashleigh Murray and KJ Apa took some time out to admire the view.

    17. The cast of Supernatural were also kicking about.

    18. Stephen Amell was raving about the pros of being married to his best friend.

    19. Zoë Kravitz shared this cute family shot.

    20. And Ben Schwartz found a great selfie partner.

    21. All in all, I think we can agree Comic Con 2018 looked a blast. Here's to next time!

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