Cardi B Posted A Video Of Herself Getting Another Tattoo And Her Reaction Is Exactly What You'd Expect

    It was pretty clear that Cardi was going THROUGH it.

    Cardi B is racking up even more hours on that giant back, butt, and thigh tattoo, posting new videos on Instagram to show a snippet of the process.

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    You might remember that Cardi recently revealed she'd finally finished the tattoo after more than 60 hours under the needle.

    In fact, Cardi's tattooist, Jamie Schene, further revealed that the tattoo had been done in more 10 different cities over several months.

    The flower and butterfly-themed tattoo starts all the way at the top of Cardi's back and snakes its way down to her thigh. It's fair to say that's not exactly subtle...

    But it looks like Cardi's not quite done with the body art thing just yet as she posted videos to her Instagram story showing herself getting even more work done.

    However, I guess you could say it wasn't exactly smooth sailing...

    "You guys know that this part of the body, like the stomach/hip part, it hurts the most," Cardi said during a quick break. "Like, literally take your breath away, and I'm just doing this video so I can procrastinate."

    "Lord Jesus Christ," Cardi added in a final video, which were my thoughts exactly when I heard that needle buzzing.

    Jumping on Twitter afterwards, Cardi revealed she was actually giving her peacock tattoo, which is on her other thigh and reaches up to her back, a little makeover.

    A bad bitch peacock? Maybe we love to see it.

    I gave my peacock tattoo a make over .She looking like a BAD BITCH ...I’ll post her alittle later.

    She also added that new music is coming sooner than we think...

    @Breeechki1 Sooner then you think

    So, I guess that's two things to look out for!

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