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    Cardi B Clapped Back To A Fan Who Tweeted About Her Career And Pregnancy

    "I'm still getting this money."

    I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Cardi B is currently pregnant. Aliens in outer space probably know this information by now.

    But while Cardi seems happy with the fact she has a baby on the way with fiancé Offset, some fans have been questioning the timing of her pregnancy, especially considering that Cardi's star has seen a dramatic rise in the last year.

    One fan recently tweeted their thoughts that if Cardi wasn't pregnant, she'd be capitalising on that success right now.

    Now I'm not one to be biased, but Cardi has done more work since she's been pregnant than I've done in my 24 years of living, so I was a little confused.


    And it turns out that Cardi was too, as she tweeted back saying that her pregnancy was her "biggest gift and biggest blessing".

    She followed that up with assurance that her bank account is still thriving.

    So I guess that's that.


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