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    Cardi B Fulfilled Her Childhood Dream Of Buying Her Mom A House And It's So Freakin' Cute

    "Thank you everybody who supported me to make my childhood dreams come true."

    Cardi B has had a meteoric rise to success in the last year, becoming one of the biggest breakout stars of 2018.

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    With success comes money, something Cardi is very vocal about loving. After all, it's the name of her latest single.

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    Not to mention she's hardly shy about showing off her fleet of expensive cars...even though she still hasn't passed her driving test.

    But Cardi has recently used her money to fulfil her childhood dream of buying her mom a house, and it's cute AF.


    Jumping onto Instagram, Cardi posted videos giving a tour of the new house, and yeppppp it looks expensive.

    In the videos, Cardi admitted that she'd already cried, revealing that the day was "emotional" for her. She also said that she'd tried to buy her mom a house the year before but could only afford a property that cost $600,000, which wouldn't get her the the dream home that she'd imagined.

    But the wait looks to have been worth it, as the spacious house also has room for a gym and a home cinema.

    In the accompanying caption, Cardi said that she'd "worked and worked" to afford the luxury, before thanking everybody who "supported me to make my childhood dreams come true".

    Let's hope nobody else's mom is reading this and gets any ideas!


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