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    22 Times Tumblr Was 100% Accurate About Sex And Relationships

    "Can I bring my cat?"

    1. When they were honest about their current relationship status.

    2. When they were appreciative of particular pet names.

    3. When they weren't big on saying grace at the table.

    4. When they were honest about hypothetical questions.

    "Well I'm not getting it from anywhere else."

    5. When they were also real AF about personal hygiene and expectations.

    6. When they weren't standing for shade during sex.

    7. When they proved to be top notch at flirting.

    8. And even managed to flirt awkwardly while asleep.

    9. When they did particularly scientific research into potential partners.

    10. When they were big fans of trying before buying.

    11. When they revealed the struggle of replying to text messages from a potential bae.

    12. When they didn't mind third wheels.

    13. When they came up with a brilliant way to end last name power struggles.

    14. When they were big on pop culture puns.

    15. When they were realistic about body image.

    16. When they gave too damn much.

    17. When they liked physical contact but nearly always fucked it up.

    18. When being in a relationship meant that they could have meaningful conversations at silly o'clock.

    19. When they pointed out that boys were basically shit.

    20. When they were upfront about their fantasies.

    "Mmm, yeah, validate me baby."

    21. When they admitted they do have good and bad days in a relationship.

    22. When they knew that someone coming back wasn't always a good thing.

    "We do not take refunds here, sir."