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    Camila Cabello Just Shut Down Rumours That Taylor Swift Made Her Leave Fifth Harmony

    "Nobody could ever persuade me to do anything ... she's never ever had anything to do with that."

    As Camila Cabello's star continues to rise, one of the questions she's always asked is about her friendship with one of the world's biggest artists, Taylor Swift.

    In particular, there's always been a rumour on the internet that Taylor was one of the reasons Camila left girlband Fifth Harmony, apparently convincing her to go solo.

    Well in a new interview with The Sun, Camila shut down the rumours that Taylor had anything to do with her decision, saying, "She's never had anything to do with that."

    "It annoyed me that people said she was encouraging me because I know that she probably got a lot of flak for that, or a lot of negative criticism, and that annoys me because I'm really protective over my friends."

    Camila defiantly added, "Nobody could ever persuade me to do anything."

    She then opened up about her friendship with Swift, saying that it was funny people thought she had anything to do with the split because "whenever we hang out, we talk about love and boys. Our friendship is so ... innocent in that way, and it's so pure."

    And when discussing whether being asked about Taylor was annoying, Camila said she understands why people find it interesting. "She's the biggest in the world, so I get that it's interesting to people, but I don't really care. To me she's just my friend."

    You can listen to the interview here.