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Kylie Jenner Just Dropped The Biggest Hint About The Name Of Her New Baby Daughter

What could it possibly mean?

So by now we all know that after months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has given birth to a daughter with her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

And the Kardashians were quick to congratulate Kylie, sending her enough flowers to open a florist. Kim and Kanye sent this insanely beautiful globe of flowers that's probably bigger than the average sized car.

While Kourtney sent a bunch of roses with the sweetest message attached. I didn't cry, I swear.

And if you've noticed the trend, you'll probably be able to guess what Khloé sent to celebrate the birth.

But... Wait a minute. Now, I'm not a floristry expert, but that arrangement damn sure looks like the letter C, if you ask me.

WHAT COULD IT MEAN!? Because let's be honest, it's not like the Kardashians haven't teased the hell out of Kylie's pregnancy since September – so it could be a big hint.

Maybe the C just stands for congratulations?

Or maybe it's for something longer, like "Carly Rae Jepson is a living legend and she doesn't deserve to flop."

Orrrrrrr maybe, and this is obviously the slimmest of chances, the C is the initial of Kylie's newborn daughter......... 👀

TBH though, I think it probably stands for the Carly Rae Jepson thing, but hey, what do you think?