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Jason Momoa Is Literally Twice The Size Of His Bodyguards

Is he protecting them? I'm confused.

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You may also be familiar with the job of a bodyguard. They basically protect celebrities at all costs, which is nice of them.

But uh, the problem with protecting Jason Momoa is that he's literally a giant. So here's a picture of (who I assume are) Jason's bodyguards.

Pg / GC Images

It is also possible these men are just nice-looking guys in suits, but they look like they mean business if you ask me.


It's given some of us new goals in life anyway.

one day i wanna be so jacked that my professional bodyguards look like minibosses you have to beat before you can f…

Either way, I wouldn't want to mess with any of them so yeah, if you're the bodyguard of Jason and reading this, don't kick my ass.


P.S. I didn't think I needed to say it because it was obvious but wow isn't Jason Momoa just all the eggplant emojis?