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    19 Times Tumblr Understood The Stress Of Loving Books

    Do NOT leave me unsupervised in a bookstore, I beg you.

    1. Going to a bookstore is a magical experience.

    2. This is mostly because your money magically vanishes from your account every time you enter.

    3. And buying so many books leads to the greatest dilemma man has ever faced.

    4. So it's all the more easier to make a decision when the book promises to wreck your emotions.

    5. For this experience, you can always rely on your favourite author.

    6. Who has probably ruined your life more than once.

    7. Reading a new book means a social life has to take a back seat, which is a sacrifice you're more than willing to make.

    8. Because let's be honest, books > people.

    9. Books take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

    10. And sometimes that emotional rollercoaster is too much to deal with.

    11. Which means you're just mentally and emotionally exhausted when it's done.

    12. But you'd rather be emotionally exhausted than disappointed by the end.

    13. Because for you there's nothing worse than a badly written book.

    14. TBH, school would work out much better if you could choose the books you got to read.

    15. Since you're a professional bookworm, you have your excuses prepared for every occasion.

    16. And there are exactly two reactions you have when someone asks what you're reading.

    17. Being a book-lover makes packing for any journey an absolute shitshow.

    18. Because there's no way you're leaving your books in the care of somebody else.

    19. But you wouldn't have it any other way because books are everything.