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Blue Ivy Was So Unimpressed By The Grammys, She Told Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Stop Clapping

Did I say you could clap?

So probably one of the most important things that happened at the Grammys this year was that the Carter family (minus Sir and Rumi because they're basically still foetuses) graced us with their presence.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

And yes, they looked like absolute royalty sitting in the front row.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

But tbh the only thing you really needed to be looking at (once you got over Beyoncé's fancy hat) was Blue Ivy being totally unimpressed by everything going on around her.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

And even when everybody else was impressed by what was happening, she just wasn't having it.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

At one point, Blue even told BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER to stop clapping and be quiet.


She also told Jay-Z to shush his noise like they were both getting on her last nerve and, honestly, I've been laughing for at least half an hour at this GIF alone.

Let's see it one more time a bit closer up, shall we?

Blue ivy telling Beyoncè & jay z to stop clapping 😭 Retweet for good luck✨

Obviously Twitter was quick to pick up on Blue telling her parents to be quiet and the tweets were as funny as you'd expect.

Blue Ivy Carter is here to let you know that she's underwhelmed. A baby Legend! #GRAMMYs

Maybe Blue is a Fifth Harmony stan and hasn't forgiven Camila for leaving her favourite band.

“calm down, she ain’t even in Fifth Harmony no more...” -Blue Ivy Carter

Or maybe she was just tired and wanted to get the hell home.

Blue Ivy pulled a “calm down relax. it’s not that serious” perfect stan twitter gif

Either way, she runs this ship and we will all listen to her commands.

Blue Ivy was like “no no I will give the signal to clap” 😂

It's not like she hasn't let us and Beyoncé know that before though, because she's always been lady of the house.

It’s clear blue ivy is the real woman of the house we love a young business woman ........ queen

And Blue clearly possesses otherworldly powers, such as defying the odds of a 6-year-old wearing white and not staining it.

So if you didn't know before, you do now: Blue Ivy Carter is queen and that's that.