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Ryan Reynolds Joked About Blake Lively's Birth Control After She Roasted His Quarantine Haircut

Nice ponytail, Ryan!

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are kind of known for savagely roasting each other from time to time, and that hasn't stopped just because we're all currently in lockdown!

Angela Weiss / Getty Images

Yep, like the rest of us, the A-list couple are hunkered down at home with their family, including their three daughters and Blake's mom.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Earlier this month, Ryan opened up about quarantining with his wife, kids, and mother-in-law, joking that he didn't miss "masculine company," because, well, men are kinda terrible.


"I do not miss masculine company at all," Ryan told Stephen Colbert. "Really, most men tend to just be the architects of someone's demise."

Ryan added that he'd been doing basically whatever his daughters want to pass the time, including making and wearing dresses out of tissue paper. Sounds chic!

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

But, in the same interview, Ryan tentatively revealed he was in need of a haircut and that Blake had offered to take on the task. I guess you could say he was a little concerned...

Columbia Pictures

"She's done this once before," Ryan said. "It took two and a half hours, and then at the end it looked like she'd done the whole thing using only a lighter."


Well, the next time we saw Ryan a couple of weeks later, he appeared to have had a slight trim. And it didn't look too shabby!

From what I can gather with my professional hairdressing eye, the sides have been trimmed down a little. It also could just be the light. Who knows?

But Blake decided to ~gently~ troll Ryan over the weekend, posting a picture of the Deadpool actor with a rather fetching quarantine ponytail.

"I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity," Blake wrote alongside the picture, taking the roast to a whole new level. She meant business!

Obviously, Ryan, who's not exactly a shrinking violet, wasn't going to take this trolling lying down. He immediately quipped back.

This isn't the first time that Ryan and Blake have trolled each other during the lockdown. Last month, after revealing that they were donating $1 million to two food banks, Blake signed off her statement with a dig at Ryan and his apparent attempt to practice "emotional distancing" from his mother-in-law.

Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

"Can someone please tell Ryan that 'emotional distancing' from his mother in law is not a thing," Blake joked. "Nothing can save him."

A couple who roast together stay together. Huh!


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