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    Beyoncé Wished Her Twins A Happy First Birthday And It's Cute AF

    "We love you."

    Beyoncé is currently on tour with her opening act, Jay Z.

    And when they're not trolling us by making their stage entrance in an elevator, they're sharing snippets of their private life, including pictures of the elusive twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

    Well last night marked the twins' first birthday and Beyoncé wasn't going to let the occasion slip by without a mention. Towards the end of the show, Bey said: "Happy birthday to Sir and Rumi. We love you."

    "Happy birthday to Sir and Rumi! We love you!" — Beyoncé 💙💗 #OTRII #Manchester

    And fans obviously loved the sweet shoutout.

    @BeyLegion The “we love youuuuuu” IM SOBBING

    Hearing Bey say "Sir and Rumi" for the first time

    Especially considering the twins have been kept away from the public eye since Bey instagrammed a picture of them a month after their birth.

    Happy birthday Sir and Rumi!