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Literally Just Funny Tumblr Reactions To "Lemonade"

Favourite country singer: Beyoncé.

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1. When Bey welcomed Jay home after releasing the album.

2. When Jay had to call himself a cab because Bey took the keys to the Jag.

3. When Kanye realised Kim had left her singing career in 2011.

4. When Jay wasn't entirely sure of the appropriate reaction.

5. When Queen Bey was coming for that Best Country Artist Grammy.

6. When Lemonade's impact was ruining your dating opportunities.

7. When listening to Lemonade had you on a "standing for no shit" policy.

8. When the squad assembled.

9. When Lemonade had you plotting your vows.

10. When Jay listened to the album for the first time.

11. When you're not about to put up with any shit from now on.

12. When you don't even have a man to be mad at.

13. When the album was an emotional roller coaster that you had to be prepared for.

14. When the Kardashians were ready to take inspiration.

15. When Justin Bieber thought he had it on lock.

16. When Jay Z tries to order a drink from now on.

17. When the lemons were about to become Lemonade.

18. When you've actually become obsessed with the greatness.

19. When Jay Z getting dinners for one at home.