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    18 Reasons Gryffindors Are The Absolute Worst

    Written by a would-be Slytherin.

    1. They're arrogant.

    2. They're judgemental.

    3. They always think they know best.

    4. Loyalty clearly doesn't have a definition in the Gryffindor house.

    5. The teachers, Dumbledore in particular, favour them.

    6. They pretend to be goody two-shoes.

    7. But they actually break the rules ALL THE TIME and get away with it.

    8. In fact, if you lay out every rule that was ever broken in all seven books, Gryffindor definitely come out on top.

    9. Gryffindors are exceptionally hotheaded.

    10. They're impulsive and act without thinking a lot of the time.

    11. And their stupidity is often mistaken for bravery.

    12. For a house that's meant to be loyal and brave, they certainly have a bully or two.

    13. It would take approximately three minutes of hanging out with a Gryffindor to get in trouble.

    14. But on the upside it would be OK because Gryffindors get away with absolutely everything.

    15. They break curfew all the time.

    16. And they don't mind breaking bro code.

    17. The only good thing about Gryffindor is that without them, there wouldn't be much of a story because Hogwarts would be a much safer place.

    18. But they're still the worst.