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18 Reasons Gryffindors Are The Absolute Worst

Written by a would-be Slytherin.

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4. Loyalty clearly doesn't have a definition in the Gryffindor house.

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Remember in Philosopher's Stone when Hermione just did a casual Petrificus Totalus to get rid of Neville?

7. But they actually break the rules ALL THE TIME and get away with it.

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Harry and Ron had a wizard joyride in their second year and the only punishment was a snapped wand and detention. In the muggle world, you'd be in prison.

8. In fact, if you lay out every rule that was ever broken in all seven books, Gryffindor definitely come out on top.

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That list is too long to include because basically Harry has no regard for rules at all.

14. But on the upside it would be OK because Gryffindors get away with absolutely everything.

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You ~might~ get detention, but it's OK because if you're a Gryffindor you just get sent to do detention with your favourite teacher.

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